Scope Of Services
Centralized resource & marketplace

A strategic combination of writing, design, production and activation services, enabling the launch or growth of your business and brand.

  • Brand Creation & Awareness
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing
  • Sales Promotion & Activations


Expertise to the process of tactical and comparative vetting, vendor brand selection, contract negotiations and the purchasing & fulfillment of garments.

  • Product Development
  • Garment Sourcing & Fulfillment
  • Tender Preparation & Execution


Backed by our experienced team, this facility provides resources for planning & preparation, monitoring & control and continuous improvement of services.

Duration 1:50
We Are An Exchange
A Co-Operative Business Model
Representing stakeholders within the garment supply chain
By providing revolutionary creative, procurement and resourcing services that alter the traditional structure, The Garment Exchange changes the way garments and apparel are sourced, created and supplied. Whether you’re a manufacturer, established brand, corporate entity, club or consumer, The Garment Exchange offers a number of services, products and benefits that make it easier to run your business. Utilize the unique clubhub administration portal, leverage our kitstore ordering & payment facility and experience the local community-based Garment Broker Network.
Multiple stakeholders
We make it easier to run your business
Trim, fabric & packaging providers
Want to significantly increase volume and grow revenue?
Factories & Manufacturers
People, process & products
Re-focus on product quality and improve profitability?
Established or new
Need to expand your sales force yet reduce operating costs?
Corporate Organizations
Brands & governing sporting organizations
Looking to resource the generation of incremental revenue?
Garment Brokers
Athletes, parents, students & professionals
Wanting a full-time or part-time career in the sports industry?
Clubs & Consumers
Endurance & team sports
Sourcing multiple team uniform quotes based on quality, price & production time?
Partner Organizations
Corporate & sports governing bodies
Direct & Indirect Benefits
Product & service solutions
Factories & suppliers

  • Focus on Production
  • Minimize Competition
  • No Communication Issues
  • Reduce Cost of Sale
  • Sustainable Revenue

Established & new

  • Increase Sales Representation
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Product Development Focus
  • Value Add Sales Initiatives
  • ROI from Elite Sponsorships

SME & corporate

  • Brand Extension
  • Reduce Garment Costs
  • Improve Garment Quality
  • No Resourcing Challenges
  • Incremental Revenue

Clubs & Consumers
Grassroots & elite

  • Local Sales Representation
  • Variety of Brands
  • Expanded Garment Range
  • Utilize clubhub & kitstore
  • Incremental Revenue

Sales, service & support
Garment Broker Network
Local community-based resources
Our dedicated Garment Broker Network is focused on supplying sports clubs & teams with customized garments and apparel from our ranges of Value, Partner and Portfolio Brands. Garment Brokers will assist clubs & teams to quickly and effectively source multiple sports uniform quotes based on quality, price and production time, ensuring that comparable information, products and services are considered. With over 500 Garment Broker territories in Australia and the USA, clubs & consumers can expect unrivaled service, support and face-to-face interaction.
Want to leverage our Broker Network?
We have 585 territories throughout Australia and the USA